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We eat, breathe, and live cybersecurity.

Intelligent Prospecting

Our team of cybersecurity experts in human intelligence leverages the power of AI and ML to simplify the task of identifying your target customers, establishing goals, developing a script, and producing a qualification checklist. This comprehensive approach ensures that all efforts are precisely tailored to reach the most suitable audience, maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Closing the Sale

Our team of cybersecurity sales experts possess a unique combination of technical and business expertise. We offer a range of services to help boost your sales process. Through intense training and coaching, these sales experts are prepared to execute. We provide customized solutions tailored to your unique goals, enabling us to achieve your sales objectives and grow your business.

Lead Generation

Our team of cybersecurity lead generation experts implement an efficient and effective omni-channel cadence to connect with qualified and interested decision-makers. By leveraging multiple proprietary communication channels, we ensure that the outreach process is engaging and personalized, utilizing an omni-channel strategy. This approach increases branding, successful leads, and drives strong conversions.

Why Use CyberBPO?

Our cybersecurity outsourcing solution optimizes business processes, sales and marketing, and digital transformation. Our services help organizations save time and money while increasing productivity and performance. With our cybersecurity omni-channel support, your clients can easily reach us through their preferred communication channels, and our dedicated team is available 24/7/365 to provide swift and effective assistance to ensure your needs are always met.


The traditional method adopted by organizations is not efficient; employees have multiple tasks, priorities, and motivations. Organizations utilize CyberBPO outsourcing because we are designed and built for the purpose of efficiency in the categories below.

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Of companies outsource their sales lead generation, gaining capabilities not available in-house
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Increase in sales for organizations that implemented dynamic sales training
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Years Experience

We are the solution to your problem

Organizations realize that the traditional approach to managing employees is no longer enough to stay competitive. Employees are often burdened with multiple tasks, priorities, and motivations that can lead to decreased efficiency and productivity. We are purpose-built and designed for maximum efficiency in the following key areas:


We enable you to focus on your core business activities.


We help to increase your efficiency.

Save Money

We save you money & drive ROI up fast!


We are self-motivated; our success is your success.


Go live, fast.

Seamless deployment is the heart of our business. In this digital-first world, offering a stellar customer experience is critical. To do this, we invest in best-in-class contact center facilities, recruiting and training. Deploy in 30 days to start driving results!

1 - 5 Days

We identify the needs & understand the goals. We gather information & design a campaign around your budget.

6 - 14 DAYS​

We start onboarding cybersecurity sales talent, develop KPI/KRI & execute sales strategy.

15 - 28 DAYS​

We conduct product knowledge training, integrate CRM/technology & develop support & processes.

28 - 30 DAYS​

Soft launch before we GO LIVE.


We are direct and transparent with our pricing; it’s the ABC’s of closing. We are always open to customization, as every organization is different. This is our base pricing. As a Canadian company, everyone is located in Canada, and nothing is outsourced.

Lead Gen



per hour, per agent





per hour, per agent





per hour, per agent


The Talent Pipeline



We identify the needs & understand the goals. We gather information & design a campaign around your budget.


We execute a strategic sourcing methodology to find super-stars who can fill your pipeline on-demand.


We foster growth by training your culture, processes, and technology.


This is the point at which the super-stars are ready to move over to your organization.

A place where we become one.

With over 100 integrations, we ensure a seamless experience and eliminate redundant data entry. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen!

Why us?

The CyberBPO Advantage

With CyberBPO, you can instantly scale operations as needed, activate agent stations, and adapt to changing business demands in real time—all while maintaining predictable costs. Our platform is built from the ground up for quick, easy deployments, and maximum scalability.


Our built-in CRM integrations and cloud APIs make it easy for us to connect to your client processes, information, and reporting. By taking the complexity out of the equation, CyberBPO makes it easy for you to focus on your business. Talk to us, we love building sales pipelines!


Our architecture is designed with security in mind. Our team safeguards your infrastructure, applications and operations against breaches and unforeseen events.


Return on Investment is how we drive long-term partnerships. We understand that SALES are paramount, and our pricing is designed to deliver results.


Our customers consistently tell us that the speed and ease of our deployments make us stand out from the competition.


Unlike call centers whose agents work on multiple campaigns or sell different products, we ONLY do cybersecurity. It's what makes us true experts.

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The Cybersecurity Omnichannel

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