Biography Study | Brian Krebs

Author: Azeez Keshiro

Brian Krebs – is an American citizen born 1972 in Alabama USA. He attended the George mason
university where he studied International Relations. Brian found himself working with Washington
post in their circulation department in 1995, Brian continued to work with organization where he
eventually moved up to became a staff and promoted to a journalist and investigative reporter. He is
best known for his coverage of profit-seeking cybercriminals. Krebs started his own website called
Kreb on in 2005 which focus on computer security. Kreb is the author of a book called
(Spam Nation). His book and public speaking has really helped a lot of countries and people around
the world in combating cybercrimes.
Brian Krebs tracks down cybercriminals and get to know what they do and why they do it. He made
them talk about their lives, he helps organizations and creates training in computer security.
After talking to these cybercriminals he realized that most of them are college level students, some
do have a day job, he discussed the way they operates by recruiting talented people, people with
talents in different field, they bring them together to carried out the criminal act. He searched for their
ways of their communications and realized they have different private twitter accounts.

Brian being a security journalist and writing his own book has given him a good leverage to be able
to help millions of people on how the cybercrime work.

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