Biography Study | Larry Whiteside Jr.

Author: Oludayo Ayorinde O

Larry Whiteside Jr. is a towering figure in the cybersecurity realm, boasting an illustrious career spanning over 25 years. His expertise in IT management, security analysis, and risk assessment is truly commendable, enriched by his service in the U.S. Air Force where he fine-tuned his technical acumen before transitioning to the civilian sector.

However, Larry’s impact extends far beyond his technical prowess; he is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion within the cybersecurity domain. In 2014, he co-founded the Information Communication Technology & Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP), a non-profit organization with a mission to carve out pathways for underrepresented minorities in cybersecurity. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing scholarships, professional development initiatives, and leadership training, ICMCP empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to flourish in this pivotal field.

Larry’s commitment to cultivating a more inclusive cybersecurity landscape resonates through his various endeavors. He frequently takes to the stage as a speaker at industry events, tirelessly championing the significance of diverse perspectives in navigating the labyrinth of cybersecurity challenges. His contributions are not confined to the technical realm; rather, they serve as catalysts for forging a more equitable future within cybersecurity, one where talent knows no boundaries and opportunities abound for all.

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