Biography Study | Frank Abagnale

Author: Azeez Keshiro

Frank Abagnale – Is an American citizen, born April 27, 1948, in the Bronx NY. He lives with his father at a young age when both parents got a divorced while he was 15 yeas old. He’s a security consultant, author, and convicted felon who committed frauds that mainly targeted individuals and small businesses. Frank started his fraud activities when he was younger and continued from there. He has been involved in different crimes from stolen identity, car theft, impersonation and other type of crimes.
Frank wrote four different books which Frank Abagnale was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in his book named ( catch me if you can).
Frank was sentenced to jail for different crimes in his early age, he became used to the crime that he finds it difficult to stop.
Frank Abagnale is now a public speaking professional; he goes to different organizations including government agencies to talk about security and how people should protect their identity. He has been involved in 100s of breach from to Nexus. Frank said the better ways to protect the public is by government given training to the public on how they can protect their identify from cybercrimes. Training is needed to detect spam emails and different method of cybercrimes, this training will help the employees and organizations in protecting their Data unwanted visitors.
Frand had experienced different cybercrime activities, so sharing is knowledge and expertise with the public is really amazing.

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