Biography Study | Robert Herjavec

Author: Azeez Keshiro

Robert Herjavec – born September 14, 1962, is a Croatian Canadian businessman, investor, and
television personality. He attended the university of Toronto in 1984 and graduated with degree in
English. He decided to attend a college so he can help his family and give them a better life. He did
several jobs with low minimum wages.
Herjavec a businessman who founded brak systems, a Canadian integrator of Internet security
software, and sold it to AT&T Canada in 2000 for $30.2 million. Looking at where AT&T is right now
you will see what they’ve achieved when it come to security measures with their products. In 2003,
he also founded the Herjavec Group, that is one of the largest information technology and computer
security companies in Canada, with over $200 million in annual revenue.
Herjavec spent his early childhood in Zbjeg Croatia In, his family left the country when he was eight
years old and moved to another country for a better life. His father was incarcerated for speaking out
against the governing system. His father was heavily into drinking and got thrown into jail 22 times
for being an anti-communist.
Herjavec applied for a position in a company to sell IBM mainframe, but the position wasn’t given to
him. He convinced the company to give him the position without pay for six months to see what he
can do.
Herjavec has been involved in technology for a while now and his involvement in security has help
some big companies, from AT&T and other security companies.

Harjavec Group is one of the leading providers in managing security for enterprises through tech-
enable solutions and world class services. It’s also a fastest growing technology company in the

Herjavec also wrote few books, a author of three books. His first two book was (How to succeed in
business and life 2010) The second book was (The Will to Win 2013).

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