Password Power-Up: Busting Myths & Building Better Habits

Author: Oludayo

Myth #1: “My Complicated Password is All I Need”
Truth: Even complex passwords can be cracked if reused across sites. A data breach at one company could expose your accounts on others.
Action: Use a unique password for every single website and app.

Myth #2: “Adding a Number and Symbol is Enough”
Truth: Hackers know these tricks. “Password123!” isn’t fooling anyone.
Action: Length matters more than complexity. Think passphrases instead of pass-words (ex: “correct horse battery staple”)

Myth # 3: “Writing Passwords Down is Dangerous”
Truth: A notebook kept at home is safer than reusing the same simple password everywhere.
Action: Password managers are even better – they store complex, unique passwords and autofill them for you.

Leveling Up Your Password Habits

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Where available, this adds an extra layer of security (like a code texted to your phone)
Be Wary of Password Hints: Don’t make them easy to guess (“Mother’s maiden name?” is a goldmine for hackers).
Change Compromised Passwords: If a site you use gets breached, change that password ASAP!
Password Managers: Your New Best Friend
Generate Strong Passwords: No more stressing about coming up with them!
Store Securely: Your passwords are encrypted, way safer than a sticky note.
Popular Options: LastPass , 1Password , Bitwarden